Your Home for Real Estate Information

Your Home for Real Estate Information

  • The Key Features Of Single-Family Homes

    Searching for a new home? There is a dizzying array of jargon used in the real estate sector. Understanding what the various real estate terms and phrases mean is crucial for finding the best home for your needs and budget. One of the phrases you may come across when looking at real estate listings is "single-family homes". Although a single-family home might at first blush seem like it's a home for a single-family only, it has a much deeper definition.

  • Need Temporary Housing? How Temporary Housing Services Can Help

    People need temporary housing for all kinds of reasons. If an incident occurs in your home that makes it uninhabitable for a time while it's being repaired, you will likely need to find other living arrangements. Or, you might have just been promoted into a corporate position that has you assigned to another state for a period of time. Each of these instances are moments when you can choose to either rent a hotel or find some other type of housing.

  • Why It Is Vital To Get Inspections When Buying A House

    Most people know that they should get a home inspection when purchasing a house, but many people do not know that they can also get other inspections. Why do you need other inspections, and what types do you need? If you are buying a single-family house and unsure about which inspections to get, here is a list of several additional ones you might need. Septic Inspection The first assessment to consider getting is a septic inspection.

  • First Selling Experience? 4 Tips For A Great Single-Family Home Sale

    If you are preparing to sell your first home, you may be worried about how it will compete on the marketplace and whether the offers you get will be good ones. Luckily, there are several preparations homeowners can make prior to listing that will help their home attract well-qualified buyers, get great offers and simplify the entire selling process.  Resist the lure of the FSBO sale The first step in ensuring a great selling experience is for homeowners to resist the urge of the for-sale-by-owner real estate transaction.

  • Assessing A Waterfront Property You Are Wanting To Buy

    Waterfront homes can be some of the most desirable lands in a community. Not surprisingly, buyers will want to be sure that they are able to thoroughly assess the condition of a particular parcel of land before they commit to starting the formal bidding and buying process. Be Aware Of The Rules Concerning Accessing And Using The Water Most properties that are located near a major body of water will need to comply with the local water accessibility and usage guidelines.

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