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Golf Course Real Estate — Residential Home Search Strategies

Cody Day

Owning a home that is located next to a golf course will offer spectacular views and the opportunity to participate in golf outings whenever desired. Use the tips below to select a course and property that appeals to you. 

Golf Courses

Public and private golf courses are often situated within communities. Before you search for real estate, decide which type, of course, you would like your new home to be located by.

The size of a course will reflect how many golfers will be accommodated at any one time. The number of people could contribute to the amount of commotion that you will experience when you are spending time in your new home. 


Golf courses may feature lakes, ponds, and native tree species that will beautify your surroundings when you are spending time outdoors. A course may also have an onsite manager and real estate broker who will help you acclimate yourself to the golf community that you ultimately move into.

Consider the amenities that each golf course advertises. Select a course that provides a well-rounded group of amenities that you can take advantage of. If you plan on golfing on the course on a frequent basis, it is important that you appreciate what the course has to offer.

Landscaping And Location

Golf courses require routine maintenance. Weed whackers, lawnmowers, and pruning tools will be used during each maintenance procedure. Because landscaping processes often occur when a golf course is not open, the processes may be conducted early in the day. This could influence the location of the real estate that you choose to purchase.

If you would like to have the full benefit of viewing the course, but do not want to endure a lot of noise, plan on searching for real estate that is located further away from a course. The broker who assists you with your home search will conduct tours of homes that are located in a somewhat private area.


Some golf courses may require homeowners to purchase memberships. Membership dues often cover maintenance, the use of a community clubhouse, and other services and accommodations. Before you commit to purchasing a home, learn about the community membership requirements.

If you are an avid golfer, you may not mind paying membership dues that will ensure that you have full use of the course. Your membership fee will likely need to be paid on an annual basis.

Find a golf course near you today to learn more. 


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