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Assessing A Waterfront Property You Are Wanting To Buy

Cody Day

Waterfront homes can be some of the most desirable lands in a community. Not surprisingly, buyers will want to be sure that they are able to thoroughly assess the condition of a particular parcel of land before they commit to starting the formal bidding and buying process.

Be Aware Of The Rules Concerning Accessing And Using The Water

Most properties that are located near a major body of water will need to comply with the local water accessibility and usage guidelines. For example, this could involve the size of the boats that are able to be used in the body of water, docks and other accessibility upgrades. Unfortunately, if a homeowner were to buy a piece of waterfront property without considering these restrictions, This can lead to them being unable to get the full use of out their waterfront property that they were wanting.

Consider The Condition Of The Soil

The soil on the property will be another important factor to consider. If there is a high erosion rate for the soil on the property, it will be of a significantly higher risk of actually washing into the body of water. During periods of strong waves, these properties may lose up to several feet of waterfront land. Prior to buying a waterfront property, it is well worth the costs of investing in a soil evaluation. These evaluations can enable a person to understand the erosion potential of the property, its nutrient levels and other factors that can influence soil quality. While a quality soil assessment will need to be done by professionals, you should avoid assuming this means the sale will be significantly delayed. Rather, this type of assessment may only take a couple of hours to complete for modest-sized lots.

Assess The Risk Of Flooding

The proximity of these properties to the bodies of water can significantly increase the risk of the property suffering significantly more flooding. When choosing a waterfront property, it may be possible to mitigate this issue by choosing a piece of property that is at an elevation compared to its neighboring areas. Having this information can help you with determining whether a property is worth buying as well as knowing the level of insurance that will have to be purchased to protect the home from the full range of threats it may face. Significantly property flooding or large standing puddles can also damage the building as these puddles may seep into the rebar in the structural foundation.


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