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Benefits Of Flat Fee MLS Listings

Cody Day

It used to be that the only two options you had for listing your house were either to list it for sale by owner or to list it with an agent. However, there is a newer option out there that more and more homeowners are interested in: a flat fee MLS listing. 

What Is a Flat Fee MLS Listing? 

One of the biggest drawbacks that sellers have with listing their house for sale by owner is the fact that they don't get much internet or foot traffic. What if you could get all of the benefits of selling your house for sale by owner while getting more attention from other people? With a flat fee MLS listing, you can do just that. These listings are ones in which you just pay a fee of typically around $100 to a website and they will list your house on the MLS for all other realtors and buyers to see. 

What Are the Benefits of These Listings? 

When you list your house with an agent you will have to pay them a percentage which will cover all of their services. In some instances, you may not only have to pay your realtor, but you will have to pay another realtor as well when you are selling your house. Typically, you will have to pay each real estate agent 3.5% which may not seem like a lot at first but if you are selling a 500k house, you will have to pay them over $49,000 dollars and that's in addition to standard fees like closing fees. 

When you list with a flat fee MLS company, you will be responsible for all of the tasks involved in selling your house, including taking your own pictures, doing your own showings, and negotiating with the buyers. Remember that listing your house without the help of a realtor means that all of the work lands on you, and if you're serious about selling your house quickly, you will have to do everything you can to get in showings. Although that may be a lot of work that you have to put into the whole process, saving that 3.5% or even 7% may save you tens of thousands of dollars that you can use in your new home to do things like renovate or get new furniture. 

To learn more about a flat fee MLS listing, reach out to a company near you, such as Crawford Realty, Inc. 


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