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Should You Consider Selling Your Home for Cash? What to Expect

Cody Day

Owning a home has long been considered to be the American dream. Unfortunately, homeownership does not always feel like a dream come true. In fact, for some people, owning a home seems to create increasing levels of stress on relationships and finances. Homeowners who find themselves dealing with an unpleasant homeownership experience may wonder if they should consider selling their home for cash. If you are currently in a difficult homeownership situation, here are some important things to know about selling your home for cash. 

Can Be Completed in a Number of Days

Those who are experiencing stress due to a poor homeownership situation can benefit by removing the source of the stress as quickly as possible. In most cases, a transaction where the home is sold for cash can often close within a week, instead of the one or more months required to close a traditional home sale. When a home is sold for cash, the buyer rarely inspects the home or includes any type of contingency, allowing the transaction to move forward very quickly. 

Eliminates Traditional Sales Preparations

Another benefit homeowners can experience by accepting an offer from an investor who purchases homes for cash is that they do not need to spend time or money to prepare the home so that it can be competitive in the traditional real estate market. Instead of spending time and money to clean, declutter, pain, or stage the property, the homeowner is able to sell the home in its current condition. In many cases, homeowners may even be able to leave behind furnishings or property that they do not wish to move. 

Works With Homes That Have Structural Damage or Other Issues

When a home has serious condition issues, such as fire or storm damage or a known issue with a termite infestation, it can be nearly impossible to attract a buyer interested in making an offer to purchase. Investor buyers who purchase homes for cash, however, are not deterred by these or other serious condition issues. Instead most investor buyers fully expect to do major renovations on the properties they purchase for cash.  

Selling a home for cash can also be an excellent option for those who have inherited or received a home with condition issues as part of a legal settlement. 

To learn more, homeowners should consider making an appointment to discuss their housing situation with a real estate agent or investor who offers to purchase homes for cash. Contact a company like Philly Standard for more information about this. 


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