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Recommendations To Search For The Right Lakefront Property

Cody Day

The opportunity to purchase a lakefront property is a great way to bring a new lifestyle of beautiful views and enjoyment of the lake right off your back porch. Here are some recommendations to help you search for the right lakefront property to purchase.

Evaluate the Water and Beach

When you are shopping for a lakefront property and home, be sure you look at the water and the shoreline or any beach access while you are assessing the property. Just as you want to make sure the home comes with the features and amenities you want, the beach and shoreline should provide you with the types of activities, access, and lifestyle you want.

For example, if you want a lakefront property with a sandy beach and clear water, check out the waterline to see what it offers. To spend time on a beach with a towel or blanket, you need soft soil, grass, or sand, and not bumpy, jagged rocks. Or, if you want to tie up and use jet skis right off the shoreline or a dock on your property, make sure the lake provides this with the property or you have the ability to build it later.

The depth of the water is also a good detail to inspect, which you can do with a depth testing stick or take a swim into the water during a showing. Look for any vegetation growing in the water or along the beach, such as grass, weeds, or lily pads, as they can affect the quality and use of the lake's water.

Understand the Costs

Along with the cost to buy a lakefront property, be sure you evaluate all the extra costs that can come with your property. Some costs are required, such as hazard and flood insurance to maintain your home's protection, by your homeowner's insurance. Other costs may include HOA fees if the lakefront property is part of a homeowners association, which takes care of the shoreline, docks, picnic areas, playground, and other community areas. Your real estate agent will be able to provide you details of an HOA if it is present and the monthly HOA fees with property ownership.

The exposure of your property and home on a lakefront area can also come with weather damage and deterioration due to the heavy rains and lake winds that can come up. Be sure you evaluate the home's condition prior to purchasing it to see if there is any existing weather damage. You should also hire a professional inspection to look for any items of underlying damage, such as foundation problems, wood rot and termite damage, and moisture corrosion to metal fixtures.

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