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Finding And Using The Value Of Your Commercial Real Estate

Cody Day

Studies indicate that 90% of millionaires today built their wealth through real estate. It's a lucrative investment platform to check out, due in large part to its versatility and absolute necessity. Homeowners rely on residential real estate for a place to live, and businesses of all types are conducted on the back of commercial real estate. If you're a developer or investor that wants to make strategic moves, it all starts with the most accurate and timely information. No information is more important than the value of your property. If you're involved in commercial real estate, consider the points below as you look to get your property appraised as part of your due diligence. 

What plans do you have for your commercial real estate?

A commercial real estate appraisal gives the current value of your property, the current taxes owed based on that value, and other important information. While these are hard facts, understanding your real estate investing goals provides context to the information you get from the appraisal. Consider what you'd like to get from the property you're developing or already own and the transactions that can accomplish your goals. 

Globally, the business of retail is on track to reach $27 trillion soon. If you're looking to develop, buy, or sell retail space, understanding the value will play a huge role in the capital you need and the return on investment (ROI) you might expect. You'll likewise want to plot out the details if you're opening up a new office or in need of rezoning or other logistical matters. 

What is the value of the real estate?

The only way to get the value of your commercial real estate is through a professional appraisal. Do some research into the licenses that a few different appraisers hold, and find out if they have a membership with professional organizations and governing bodies such as the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA). Decide on the level of detail that you need with your commercial real estate appraisal report, and find out how much these professionals will charge for their work. You're likely to pay $2,000 and up for an appraisal depending on the type of report you opt for. Get a couple of price estimates as you search for the highest quality appraiser you can find. 

Use these tips and get help from a commercial real estate appraisal company that can assist you. 


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