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Your Checklist For Finding A House

Cody Day

You're looking at homes for sale, but you might wonder how to find the one that's right for you. Fortunately, you can handle the problem by building a short checklist. You'll want to start your checklist with these 5 items:

Establish the Must-Haves

One of the easiest ways to filter through houses for sale is to eliminate everything that doesn't meet your criteria. This is easiest when you know what your must-haves are. A couple expecting to have a child in the next few years, for example, will probably want a house with at least two bedrooms. Similarly, you might want to have quick access to the freeway if you need to commute to work daily.

Only focus on the things you're sure you have to have. If you can tolerate the absence or presence of a feature, then don't use it to exclude homes for sale during your search.

Identify Value

Whenever possible, try to identify features that provide long-term value. Perhaps the kitchen has recently installed granite countertops. Look for high-efficiency items, such as double-pane windows, low-flow showerheads and faucets, insulated pipes, and tankless water heaters. These items will be attractive to future buyers, preserving the value in your new home.

Think Long-Term

Many items look good in the short term but don't hold up well after a few years. If you have a child and are worried about the school district, for example, consider the long-term consequences. The elementary school might be highly rated and nearby, but what about the high school if you plan to stay in the area that long? Look past the present value of a house and try to see what will be there 10 or 20 years from now.

Home Inspection

Eventually, you're going to find several houses for sale that interest you. Once more, you'll need to filter through them. A great way to do this is to hire a home inspector and have them make notes about the house. If they find issues, you'll want to consider whether this rules a property out entirely.

You'll need to conduct a home inspection as part of your due diligence, anyhow. Don't be afraid to spend the money on two or three inspections if it helps you eliminate places or differentiate between ones you like.


Buyers should speak with their preferred lenders before they get far into the search process. Figure out how much money you'll have at your disposal. Set aside around 10% to cover potential fixes or modifications. Use the remaining figure to determine what your maximum offer would be on the ideal house when you find it.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for houses for sale.


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