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How To Find The Best Retail Commercial Real Estate For Lease

Cody Day

If you plan to start a retail business or open a new location for your existing brand, you can save money and avoid the hassles that come with owning a building if you choose to lease space instead. With the help of a qualified retail commercial real estate agent, you can choose from different spaces to find the right option that meets your requirements. Here are some tips that can help simplify the process of finding retail commercial real estate for lease

Consider Space Requirements

You'll want a retail space that is large enough to conduct business in and that has a layout that's suitable for your type of company. For example, if you plan to open a clothing store, you should make sure that the space you lease has enough room to display all your items for sale as well as extra space for checkout stations and dressing rooms. If a particular space that you want to lease is on the smaller side, you can still possibly make the most of the space by finding creative ways to use shelving and trying other space-saving methods.

Choose an Ideal Location

The location could make or break your business, so you'll want to find some retail commercial real estate for lease that will be easy for people in your target demographic to access and that is accessible for people with disabilities who may visit your business. Choosing a location where businesses like yours don't already exist can be to your advantage. You should also keep the local zoning ordinances in mind so that you don't choose a location where you may incur violations.

Examine the Lease Terms Closely

You should look at the terms of a lease for a commercial space closely just like you would for a house or an apartment that you're renting. Your retail commercial real estate agent can go over the details of any lease that you're thinking of signing carefully to make sure that everything is lawful and that all the terms align with your best interests. Some key factors of a retail space lease that you should review closely include:

  • The duration of the lease
  • Early lease termination allowances
  • Payment due dates and expectations
  • How specifically the premises are supposed to be used for your business
  • The possibility of expanding the premises for your business
  • A possible option to buy the property in the future


It's important to remember that when you're leasing a commercial retail space, you don't own the property and may have to abide by certain restrictions that the landlord imposes. You might be only allowed to operate during certain hours, or there could be additional restrictions about the signage and other advertisements on the building that you're able to display. It's possible that the landlord will even place limits on the number of special events that you're allowed to host in your retail business.

You can avoid some of the obstacles of leasing a commercial retail space if you approach all aspects of finding and leasing a space with a detail-oriented mindset. To make managing the details even easier on yourself, you can hire a retail commercial real estate agent who will share important information that will help you make better sense of the process.


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