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Reasons To Consider A Career In Real Estate

Cody Day

If you were unfortunate and lost your job during COVID-19 as so many people did, you may have been forced to step back and reevaluate your life. While you may have mourned the loss of your job with a few too many bags of chips while binge-watching some shows, you hopefully got out of the funk and realized that you can get another one. Rather than just going back to a job that you don't necessarily like though, it may be worth it to pursue a potentially lucrative career in realty. 

Why Real Estate? 

The first thing that you will have to ask yourself when you're considering a career in real estate is why you should go that route. Here are a few benefits: 

A Rising Real Estate Market

The real estate market is really hot right now for a variety of reasons. While so many people spent months and months in quarantine, they realized what they disliked about their house and decided to move. Not only this, but interest rates are at an all-time low, which means that more and more people want to buy a brand new home at a really low rate. 


Being laid off means that you likely spent a lot of time at home and were able to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. One of the best things about a job in real estate is the flexibility to have control over your own schedule. For instance, while you may have some showings one day, you may have a free day the next day to play with your kids or just take some you time.

Good Money

If you make a lot of contacts and start building your real estate portfolio, you can make some seriously good money. Depending on the state that you live in, you could earn a high percentage on the sale or purchase of any home. For instance, a state may have laws that say you can make 6% on the sale of a home and if you sell a 500k home, then you would be able to take home 30k on just that one sale. 

Realty isn't a career for everyone, but it can definitely be a career that may be worth pursuing yourself. To learn a little bit more about realty, reach out to an agency near you to see if they're hiring. Or, reach out to a local realty agent to get more real-life tips.


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