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Home Purchase Recommendations For Your Upcoming Selection

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When you choose to buy a home, you are investing in your future and in the community as you buy a piece of the real estate in which you can improve upon it and increase its property value. However, there are some tasks you can take to get you ready for the purchase and to check into an area thoroughly before you commit to investing in the area. Here are some recommendations to help you buy a home in a pre-planned community neighborhood.

Get Your Cash Together

Before you can start looking at a home in a pre-planned community, you should calculate how much you need to have on hand and on how much you will need to make the purchase. A home purchase is traditionally completed with a home mortgage, which you apply for and go through the qualification process. However, some mortgages require you to put a certain percentage down as an upfront payment at the home's closing. Some mortgages only require a three percent down payment, or you may want to pay a twenty percent down payment and avoid having to pay private mortgage insurance.

Another cost you will need to pay in cash is the fees for the appraisal and the home inspection. The home inspection will be completed by a professional inspector, which you will usually need to pay for at the time of the inspection. And an appraisal usually works in a similar manner; however, sometimes this cost can be paid for in the home's closing costs at the closing meeting. Talk to your realtor to find out what costs you will be expected to pay for and bring to closing when you sign for your new home.

Find Out About Future Plans

When you are buying a home in a pre-planned community that is in the process of being built, you may not be able to find obvious features, businesses, and other details of the community. When most of the community is still under construction, you may need to ask questions about future plans for the area. Talk to the builder in the area or the city's community development plan to find out what types of features and amenities will be added to the neighborhood. 

For example, will there be a local shopping mall, grocery store, schools, or movie theater added, along with restaurants or professional offices? You can also find out where neighborhood parks, recreation centers, bike trails, or walking trails will be added to provide outside attractions. These details will add value to the community and the neighborhood to give you more value to your lifestyle and improve its value for future sales.

For more information about pre-planned neighborhoods or homes for sale, like Arbors homes for sale, contact a local real estate agent.


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