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Why It Is Vital To Get Inspections When Buying A House

Cody Day

Most people know that they should get a home inspection when purchasing a house, but many people do not know that they can also get other inspections. Why do you need other inspections, and what types do you need? If you are buying a single-family house and unsure about which inspections to get, here is a list of several additional ones you might need.

Septic Inspection

The first assessment to consider getting is a septic inspection. Most lenders and agents recommend this assessment if the home has its own septic tank and system. If the home has city sewer, you can still get the inspection, but it is not as essential. Home septic systems can encounter many costly problems. It is better to find out if the system has issues before you buy the home. If it does, you can ask the homeowner to pay for the repairs it needs.

Chimney and Fireplace Inspection

When choosing a house with a fireplace, it is beneficial to hire a chimney sweep to assess the fireplace and chimney. Getting these components examined is vital for safety purposes and other reasons. If the inspector locates a problem with either of these, they will tell you, and you can ask the seller to fix them. Getting these inspections also helps you feel more confident about using the fireplace after moving in.

Roof Inspection

You might also want to hire a roofing contractor to examine the roof on the house you want to buy. A roof can look good from the ground, but it is hard to know if the roof is in good condition without examining it. A roofing contractor will get on the roof to see it and tell you if it has any problems.

Other Assessments to Get After the Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection is also essential, and the results of it might cause you to need more inspections. For example, if the home inspector finds issues with the plumbing system, you might want to hire a plumbing contractor to evaluate the system for you. By doing this, you can learn more about the system, its condition, and its problems.

If you have any questions about buying a single-family home, talk to a real estate agent. Your agent can recommend inspectors to use for the assessments you need. You can learn more about inspections by contacting a local real estate agent today.


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