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First Selling Experience? 4 Tips For A Great Single-Family Home Sale

Cody Day

If you are preparing to sell your first home, you may be worried about how it will compete on the marketplace and whether the offers you get will be good ones. Luckily, there are several preparations homeowners can make prior to listing that will help their home attract well-qualified buyers, get great offers and simplify the entire selling process. 

Resist the lure of the FSBO sale

The first step in ensuring a great selling experience is for homeowners to resist the urge of the for-sale-by-owner real estate transaction. While successful FSBO sales are possible, the net proceeds to the seller on these transactions are typically much lower than transactions where the property is listed and sold with an experienced real estate professional. 

FSBO sales are especially risky for the first-time seller who may not understand how to prepare and price their home, negotiate contract details or move the transaction forward should a problem arise. 

Prepare before listing

Making sure that the home is thoroughly prepared prior to listing is also a very important step in a successful real estate sales transaction. In addition to ensuring that the home is clean and free of clutter, sellers should also make sure that any needed interior and exterior repairs are completed and that the landscaping around the home is neat and attractive. 

First-time sellers who are uncertain about repairs, updates or preparing the home should consider asking their listing agent for help. Their agent can tour the home and help sellers formulate a list of necessary preparations that will help to make the home more appealing to qualified buyers. 

Price according to current local market conditions

Pricing the home correctly according to the local real estate market is perhaps the most critical component of enjoying a successful real estate transaction. Formulating the correct listing price for any home requires careful research into recent home listings and sales in the same immediate area.

 Most listing agents use market data to compile a comparative market analysis (CMA). This analysis compares the most current listing and sales information on similar homes to arrive at the correct listing price point for the home. 

Arrange your next home

Lastly, first-time sellers often make the mistake of focusing only on selling their current home with little thought to where they will move once the transaction closes. Taking the time to talk with your real estate professional about your future housing situation will help first-time sellers understand their options and help them make a great plan for their family's next home. 

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