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Can You Use A Realtor When Selling A House FSBO?

Cody Day

Selling a house for sale by owner (FSBO) is an option you can consider when selling your home. While this is not the most common way people sell their homes, it is an option you can use if you want. One question people often have when selling their homes FSBO is if they can use a Realtor with this process. If you have questions about this, here are several vital things to know before deciding how to sell your house.

What It Means to Sell a House FSBO

To answer your question, you might want to begin by understanding what selling a house FSBO means. When you sell a house by owner, it means that you are selling it yourself. You are not hiring a real estate agent to list the home and find a buyer for you. Instead, you take on the responsibility of listing the home, advertising it, and finding a buyer. If you find a buyer, you are responsible for negotiating on the deal and handling the closing process. Selling FSBO requires you to do all the work without an expert helping you.

How to Involve a Realtor in the Deal

Most people do not realize that they can hire a Realtor when selling a house FSBO. If you sell your home yourself, the real estate agent has limited responsibilities, though. To use a Realtor for help, you must still handle all the steps yourself, but you offer to pay a commission to a Realtor if they find a buyer for you. If a real estate agent finds a buyer for your home, you pay a commission. If you find a buyer, you do not pay a commission.

Why It Might Help to Involve a Realtor

If you decide to sell FSBO, it can help to have a Realtor involved in the deal. Offering to pay a real estate agent a commission gives agents an incentive to show your house. If you do not offer a commission, agents will not want to show your home to prospective buyers. The other benefit of offering to pay a commission is that it increases your home listing publicity. Realtors have connections, and these connections could lead to a sale.

Selling a home FSBO is challenging for most homeowners, yet many people still use this method to save money on commissions. If you decide that selling FSBO is not the best option for your situation, hire a local Realtor for assistance.


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