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8 Tips To Getting Your Luxury Beachfront Condo Sold This Fall

Cody Day

If you've enjoyed your luxury, beachfront condo all summer, but are ready to sell this fall, there are a few steps that you need to take to get everything ready. 

1. Paint

Any condo is easier to sell with neutral paint. While you may love the beachy vibe of bright turquoise walls, the potential buyer may not. Take the time to throw on a quick coat of neutral beige or gray paint to broaden your appeal instead. 

2. Wallpaper

Most buyers have heard horror stories from family and friends about removing stubborn wallpaper. If you have wallpaper or even a wallpaper border, take it down before you list your luxury, beachfront condo for sale to assuage their fears.  

3. Closets

Beachfront condos are not known for their storage space. To sell quickly, create the illusion of space in your unit by cleaning out your closets ahead of time. keep items that you will be using in the next month or so and pack everything else away. Your closets should be less than half full and meticulously organized.  

4. Clutter

It can be hard to see the clutter when you are selling your house or condo. The idea, however, is to have your home as plain as possible so that the potential buyers can picture themselves — and their belongings — in the space. Clear off your countertops, sofa tables, end tables, and fireplace mantle of all your collected mementos and knick-knacks. 

5. Personalization

Like clutter, buyers often have a hard time looking beyond family photos. Get started on your packing early by putting family photos away before you list with a real estate agent. 

6. Curb Appeal

When you own a condo, you are not in control of the exterior of the building. You can, however, add a little curb appeal by placing a welcome mat outside your unit's front door and adding a potted plant. If your beachfront condo has a balcony, you can stage the area with comfortable chairs and festive pillows. You want the buyer to imagine sitting out there on warm evenings.

7. Temperature

You may be tempted to turn off the air conditioning when you are not at your luxury, beachfront condo this fall, but the temperature should be comfortable for potential buyers that schedule a showing. Buyers will leave quickly if it is hot and humid inside. Keep the air conditioning at a suitable level or turn on the heat, if needed. 

8. Lighting

Fall evenings can get dark quickly, especially after Daylight Savings time occurs. Leave the lights on and the blinds open in your condo. You want your unit to feel light-filled when buyers enter, regardless of whether or not the sun is out. 

If you have a beachfront condo to sell this fall, talk to a real estate agent who sells luxury, beachfront condos, and follow the above tips to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.  


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