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What To Expect When Meeting With Your Listing Agent The First Time

Cody Day

Did you know that you can choose any real estate agent and agency to sell your home? You might want to evaluate numerous agents before picking one, as you only get to pick one, and you will want to choose the right one. When you contact an agent, the agent will schedule an in-home visit. This visit serves several roles, and here are some things to expect during this in-home visit.

The Agent Will Discuss Pricing of Your Home

One of the primary goals of an initial visit with an agent is talking about the pricing of a home. Before this meeting, the agent will prepare an analysis of your home to help you learn how much it is worth. The agent carefully prepares this report by viewing real estate sales in your area, and the agent will explain the suggested listing price and how they came to that conclusion. At this point, the agent might modify the price based on the looks of your home's interior.

The Agent Will Make Recommendations

The next service the agent provides is recommendations for your home. Unless your home is perfect, it might need a few things before you list it. When the agent gives you tips and suggestions, try to avoid taking the information personally. The agent is not attacking you or your home. Instead, the agent is trying to help you learn some things that might help you sell it faster and for a higher price.

The Agent Can Describe the Current State of the Market

During this visit, your agent can also describe the current state of the real estate market to understand what to expect. The real estate market has highs and lows. If you are selling at a high point, you might receive a higher price for the home. You might also find a buyer faster. If you are entering the market at a low point, you might struggle to sell it.

The Agent Will Have a Contract Prepared

If you decide to list the house with the agent, they will present a prepared contract that you must fill out and sign. Once you do this, your house will be listed and ready for showings.

An in-home visit with an agent is a vital step in selling a house. Would you like to get started? If so, reach out to a local real estate service about selling your home today.


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