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4 Questions to Ask a Potential Realtor When Selling Your Single-Family Home

Cody Day

Your house may have served you and your family well, but if you feel it is time to move on, find a real estate agent to help you sell. Finding a realtor to help you is important, but there are a few questions to ask in advance to make sure you get the best to help with the sale of your single-family home.

1. Is the agent familiar with your area?

One of your top priorities when scouting for the best real estate agent to sell your house should be to find an agent who knows your area well. An agent who knows your area is going to have the insight it takes to get your home noticed. For example, the agent will better understand the true value of your property according to its proximity to other spots of value nearby. 

2. Will you be working with a single realtor or a full team?

In areas where real estate agents are sparse, agents often have staff members who handle a lot of the work that goes along with selling a property. While having a team to help you sell your single-family home can be a good thing, it is definitely something you will want to know in advance. You do not want to enter into a commitment with a realtor thinking they will be your primary contact when you could be working with several professionals. 

3. What marketing tactics will the agent use to sell your single-family home?

Single-family homes are in higher demand than most other types of real estate. However, these dwellings are also more abundant. Therefore, any good realtor will approach the sale of your home with a good marketing plan in tow. Find out what the agent is considering right from the start, and compare their plan to the plans of others to see who could be the most effective listing agent. 

4. How much input will the agent need from you?

Some people who decide to sell their home will want to be as involved in the process as possible. Others would rather bring in the help of a realtor, step away, and wait for the house to sell so they can get moving. In any case, it is best to know what the realtor is going to need from you as you proceed through the listing process. For instance, some agents prefer that the homeowner handle gathering pictures or hosting prospects, but other agents may take their own pictures and do the showings on their own.


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