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3 Tricks You Never Knew About Buying A Home From A Builder

Cody Day

Some people will buy four to five homes in their lifetime. The number that get to build a house from scratch with a new home builder is even less. In fact, building a house is on the bucket list of many people. If it is a life goal for you, here are a few little-known tricks to make the process smoother.  

1. Work with a Realtor. 

Do not go to see models or spec homes without your real estate agent. You need a buyer's agent representing your best interests every step of the way. The person sitting in the model is typically a licensed seller's agent working exclusively for the home builder. If you do not have representation and something goes wrong with the deal at a later date, you have no one fighting for you or your best interest. Plus, the buyer's agent's commission is paid by the builder so it costs you nothing to have an agent on your side.

2. Negotiate with the builder.

Believe it or not, you can negotiate with the builder the same as you would with any seller. Of course, this is easier when you have a licensed buyer's agent. The builder may or may not budge on price because the price is recorded with the county and is public record. The builder does not want everyone to know. Your agent, however, should be able to get extras thrown in to sweeten the deal on your new home for you. It is not uncommon for builders to throw in upgraded countertops, appliances, wood flooring, or even landscaping packages. 

3. Get a home inspection.

A home inspection isn't just for older homes. You need to have a home inspection on new builds as well. In fact, you should have a home inspection just before the drywall goes up and again before you close on the home. The home inspector is a neutral third-party that can be your eyes on the job site. They are trained to see imperfections that you would never notice and can help you create your "punch list," a list given to the builder before the final walk-through of repairs that need to be made. 

Buying a new home is exciting, but building a new home is an adventure. Like any adventure, there is a bit of an unknown factor. You can eliminate a few unknowns with these tricks. Reach out to a home builder for more information.


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