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How You Make More Money Investing In Real Estate With Friends

Cody Day

Investing by yourself can seem like a daunting experience. It will take time to save money or you may have to put up your personal property in order to get a loan for the real estate that you wish to have. This process can be off-putting or can delay your real estate dreams for a number of years if you have a moderate income. Instead of hiking towards the trail of real estate investing by yourself, you can invest with a group of friends. Here are a few ways you can make more money by investing with your friends. 

Your savings pot grows rapidly

Saving by yourself can seem to take forever. Saving with a group of friends will contribute much more each month. You and your friends may be able to bank well over one thousand to several thousand dollars per month with an aggressive savings plan. This will permit you to save to purchase a good property outright within a few months. Make sure that the savings account for the home takes electronic deposits and that money can only be taken out with the permission of all of the owners of the account. 

You and your friends can lend a hand in the upkeep

 When a large group pitches in on a project, each person can lend their abilities to make the project more manageable. For a real estate investing group, you and your friends can pitch in to perform repairs and renovations for the home. If one of the investors is a handy person, they can also be on call for the tenant as the first step to avoiding a heavy outsourced bill. Other friends may be able to help stage the home for viewing, advertise the home via an online listing, and produce professional photographs of the place in order to attract possible renters. The person best at money management and bookkeeping can keep up with rental payments and payouts to the investment group. 

Multiple units are easier to manage

Managing multiple real estate units can be a full-time task for single landlords. If real estate is one of your vehicles of investment but not your primary job, the hours that you have to devote to the upkeep of your spaces will need to be limited. In a group, you can hand off the baton to other members to help take care of the unit physically and financially. This will allow your real estate to be a more passive investment than a physically aggressive investment. 

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