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Selling Your Home On Your Own? Signs You Need A Real Estate Agent

Cody Day

A real estate agent is a great way to get your home sold fast. While you can still sell your house on your own and avoid the real estate agent fees, you're likely better off having this professional by your side.

Here are signs you need to get a real estate agent when you sell your home on your own. Whether you have had your home on the market for a while or you are just getting ready to sell your property, a real estate agent can come in at any time and help you get your property sold.

Your home's been on the market for a while

The average home sold with a real estate agency sells 20 days sooner than a home that is sold by the owner on their own. While just shy of three weeks may not sound like a lot of additional time to wait, it's nearly a month of time, and can mean the difference between paying another month of your mortgage and getting your home off the market.

You're confused on the paperwork involved

Selling your home is about more than just putting a sign on your property and waiting for buyers to come your way. Your home has to be appraised, inspected, titles have to be searched to make sure they are free and clear, property taxes have to be assessed and paid, and other paperwork has to be filed. If this is all unfamiliar to you or confusing, then even if you have a buyer, the process can be stalled or take longer than expected to get everything done on time.

Once you hire a real estate agent, they go to work acquiring all the paperwork and documentation needed to safely and legally sell your home. As closing deadlines approach, your real estate agent will become most essential to you.

You're planning on buying another home locally

Many people choose to use the same real estate agent when they sell their home to buy a new one in the same area. If you're going to buy a home right after you sell your own, then consider getting a real estate agent now so they can make each home transaction easier for you.

Meet with a real estate agent at an agency you are familiar with or have seen other people have success with in the past. When you pick the right real estate agent for your needs, you end up with an expert you can trust to make your home selling and buying experience go well.


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