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Things To Examine Before Buying A New Construction Home

Cody Day

Buying new construction is exciting, as it gives you the chance to buy a house that no one has ever lived in! When buying new construction, you should thoroughly examine the house before putting in the offer. You may also want to evaluate the following four things before purchasing the home.

The Builder's Reputation

Understanding the quality of the construction the builder offers is vital when buying new construction homes. You can learn more about a builder's quality by researching his reputation. You can talk to people you know, or you can ask for references from the contractor. You might also find information online about a builder. Finding out these details is helpful, as it can tell you if the builder has a good reputation or not.

The Warranty the Builder Offers

The second thing to find out is about the warranty the contractor provides with all new homes. Almost every new home comes with a warranty, but the warranty details vary. Some builders offer one-year warranties that cover everything that could go wrong with a house. Other builders may offer shorter or longer plans. Additionally, most new homes come with five or ten-year structural guarantees. You will not know about the warranty unless you ask, so make sure you ask the builder.

The HOA in the Community

New construction is something you often find in brand-new subdivisions, and many of these neighborhoods have homeowner's associations (HOAs). If you never lived in an area with an HOA, you might want to research what this means and how it might affect you. An HOA controls many things in a neighborhood. It creates rules you must follow, and it requires paying a monthly fee.

The Stage the House Is In

The last thing to evaluate is the stage of house construction. If you buy a home that is currently under the process of being built, you might have the opportunity to choose things in the home. For example, you might be able to choose the flooring types and colors or paint colors. If the home is already finished or close to being done, you will not have this opportunity. If you want to choose the finishing materials, find a home that is currently under construction.

Buying new construction is not the same as buying older homes. Therefore, you must know what to look for when choosing a home. You can learn more by talking with a real estate agent in your town.


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