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Touring A Home For Sale? 3 Signs The Property Has Been Taken Care Of

Cody Day

Most people want to purchase a home that has been well cared for over the years. While most sellers clean up properties before listing them for sale, others work hard to keep their properties in top condition over the years. Here are three signs the property you are touring has been taken care of so you can place a quick offer. 

1. Clean Baseboards

Baseboards are easy to ignore, which is why many become laden with dust after only a few weeks. However, clean baseboards are a sign that the owner pays attention to the details involved with the cleanliness of the home, which could mean other problems were handled appropriately. For instance, if they care enough about their home to clean the baseboards, they probably aren't going to ignore a dripping faucet or an issue with the drywall. 

2. Immaculate Garage

Pay attention to how well organized the garage space is. Are the tools organized? Does the lawn equipment seem to be well-maintained? Are there oil spots on the floors? Pay attention to how well cared for the garage area is and whether or not the owners have been committed to the details. 

You should also watch out for garage areas that seem to have problems, such as signs of previous water damage or issues with cracked or heaved flooring since these issues could indicate problems with long-term maintenance. 

3. Routine Appliance Maintenance

As you tour the home, look for maintenance stickers on appliances like air conditioning systems, furnaces, and refrigerator panels. If you can tell that the homeowner takes special notice of appliance maintenance and conducts it regularly, it could mean any appliances that come with the house will last longer. Pay special attention to high-cost appliances, like air conditioners, which could be due for repairs or replacements after the system gets older. Additionally, ask the previous homeowners if they have focused on maintenance and if they have records of when they did important maintenance tasks around the house, such as professional inspections and repairs. 

When you are ready to start putting in offers on homes for sale, turn to a real estate agent in your area to help out with the process. Real estate agents have the experience, social network, and know-how to quickly and efficiently answer any questions you have about a home, so you aren't left wondering whether you should put in an offer on a place or not. 


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