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Should You Get A Two-Bedroom Apartment As A Single Adult? A Few Tips To Help You Decide

Cody Day

When it comes to the type of residential dwellings that are most suitable for a single adult, there are few that fit quite a well as apartments. It is far easier to find one- or two-bedroom apartments that are just the right size for one person than it is a house. While many singles will opt for a one-bedroom place out of necessity and to keep their rental costs low, there are some singles who do need the extra bedroom. To help you decide if a two-bedroom apartment is the best option for you, here are a few good things to consider. 

How often do you have guests sleepover?

Do you pretty much keep to yourself or are you the type of person who always has a guest over for a visit? If you have friends and family members who frequent your home on a regular basis and often spend the night, having the spare guest bedroom can be totally worth it. You can offer a comfortable place for your guests to stay when they sleepover so they don't have to spend the night on the couch. 

Do you need a spare room for another purpose?

Maybe you have a lot of extra stuff that you prefer not to store. Perhaps you work at home and need a nice secluded home office. There are a lot of reasons why you may need an extra bedroom even though you are living the single life. It can be more feasible to have the extra room that you could easily use for other purposes beyond just a place to sleep.

Is there a chance you will eventually have a roommate?

One other reason it can be good to get a two-bedroom place is if there is a possibility that you will eventually want a roommate. For example, if you have a friend who wants to move in with you but they are currently committed to a lease elsewhere, opting for the two-bedroom apartment can be a good option. 

Is the higher price for a two-bedroom place financially logical?

As a single adult, you will likely be relying only on your own income and ability to earn an income. Naturally, a two-bedroom apartment is going to be more costly. Therefore, look at your budget and how it could change for the term of the lease before opting for a bigger place that could be harder to afford if your income changes. 

If you think it's right for you, look for a two-bedroom apartment in an area you like. 


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