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Looking For A Golf Front Home? Search For These 3 Upgrades

Cody Day

Golf-front property gives you the opportunity to enjoy easy access to the golf course while enjoying gorgeous views from your home. Because golf course property is sought-after, you might be tempted to jump on the first home you spot. However, looking for the right upgrades is instrumental to your long term love of the home. Here are three things you should look for in a golf-front property and why. 

1. Privacy Fences

While living right off of a golf course offers you a great view, it can also feel a little intrusive to know that people are walking by playing a game continuously. Create more privacy for yourself inside your home by looking for a home with a privacy fence, especially along the portion of the yard that backs up to the playing area. Be mindful of what kind of fence it is, since some need more maintenance than others. For instance, if the privacy fence is partly composed of a natural bush, make sure it is well-maintained and appears healthy. 

2. Tinted Windows

Look for a home that has tinted windows, not only to shield your home's interior from the harsh, constant rays of the sun but also to maintain your privacy. Pay attention to how much you can see from the exterior of the home as you walk into the space, and look for windows that offer a decent level of privacy. Additionally, pay attention to how much you can see from the front door, especially if the front door contains glass that could impact privacy. 

3. Netting

If you are looking at a house right in the thoroughfare of a driving range, look for a property already fitted with high-end netting. Many varieties of netting can be strung up high above yards and homes, keeping fly golf balls away from your property. If you are worried about the netting looking obvious, keep in mind that many varieties are so incredibly fine that you can barely see them from the ground level.     

Whenever you find yourself looking for high-end golf course real estate, work with a real estate agent who has experience with that real estate niche. Talk with them about open properties, how the area has appreciated or depreciated in value, and what you can do to protect your soon-to-be property further. With the right research and a great agent, you can find a home you will love for many years to come.  

For further information on golf-front homes, reach out to a local real estate agent.


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