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How To Select A Vacation Rental For A Group

Cody Day

If you're in charge of selecting where a group will lodge while on vacation, you've been tasked with a major responsibility. A few simple steps will lead you toward the perfect place for the group, though. Here's how to select a vacation rental for a group of any size.

Step 1: Determine Who's in the Group

Before you can begin to look at vacation rentals, you must first determine who is in the group that's traveling. Give everyone who's considering traveling on the group vacation a hard deadline to decide whether they're coming, and make that deadline far enough out that you'll still have time to look for a vacation rental.

After the hard deadline passes, you'll know exactly who's going to go on vacation. The group size and makeup will tell you how large the vacation rental must be. The rentals you look at must have enough beds for everyone in the group, and there should be a private sleeping area for each couple or family. 

Step 2: Find a Per-Person Nightly Rate

Once your group is defined, ask everyone who's coming what they can afford to pay per night for lodging. Break it out by person so that every couple or family unit pays an equal amount based on the number of beds that they need.

After you've surveyed the group, use your own judgement to find a per-person nightly rate that's amenable to everyone who's traveling. With a whole group traveling, you can usually get by with a fairly low per-person nightly rate because the cost of the vacation rental can be spread across everyone in the group.

For example, assume you have a group of 15 people traveling together, and the most frugal member says they're able to spend $40 per night on lodging. If every person in the group paid $40 per night, that'd come to a budget of $600 per night. A $600 nightly budget is more than enough to get a vacation rental in many locations.

Step 3: Look at Vacation Rentals

With the size and budget determined, you're ready to actually look at vacation rentals. The size and budget that you're working with will determine how close to a destination's main features your group can stay. In general, being close to features will cost more than staying a little farther from them.

Identify a few possible places to stay and then present your options to the group. Take a poll to see which of the options people prefer, and book your group's stay at the group's preferred vacation rental.


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