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Should You Live in a Golf Community If You Don't Play Golf?

Cody Day

The time has come for you to find a new home. You're browsing real estate listings and come across some gorgeous homes, but they're a part of a golf course community — and you don't play golf. You might initially assume, then, that these homes are not for you. But as it turns out, plenty of people who live in golf communities are not avid players. These communities have some advantages even for non-golfers like you!

The landscaping is excellent

Even though you don't golf, you can surely appreciate nice landscaping. Golf courses and the associated communities are usually very well-groomed. The grass is kept mowed and green. There are patches of flowers planted nicely along paths, and any sidewalks are kept in pristine condition. The best part is that in most cases, you don't have to do any of the work to keep the landscaping looking amazing; this is all done by the community.

There are numerous social opportunities

Golf is largely about socialization, and golfers love to socialize. These communities tend to host events such as galas and dinners, where you can meet other residents and their guests without having to swing a club! It can be really nice to have a social circle right where you live. Once you get to know a few people, you will be able to step outside your home and come across friends and acquaintances who live right near you.

Homes tend to hold their value

Golfing is a sport that is here to stay. It has a long history and a big following. As such, golf community homes will probably always be in demand, and they tend to hold their value well. You don't have to worry about the community around you deteriorating, resulting in your home losing its value a few years down the road. Buying a golf course home is a good idea if you are seeking stability and want to be confident you can sell your home for a decent price in the future.

The neighbors tend to be good neighbors

Most people who golf are financially secure, well socialized, and responsible. Surely there are some exceptions, but this is true for the most part. You don't have to golf to appreciate having good, respectful neighbors.

While moving into a golf course home may initially sound like an odd proposition if you don't golf, when you consider the advantages above, it sounds more than feasible — it sounds wonderful! 


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