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3 Reasons To Move Into An Adult Retirement Community

Cody Day

If you are reaching your retirement years, it is time to consider moving into an adult retirement community. An adult retirement community is very different than an assisted living facility. In an adult retirement community, you are still living independently in your own home; you are just surrounded by other people who are in the same stage of life that you are.

Reason #1: Downsize to a Smaller Home

Most of the homes in adult retirement communities are designed to be more economical. Instead of a large four- or five-bedroom family home, the homes in adult retirement communities tend to be two to three-bedroom homes. These homes are designed to be a little less work to take care of, while still being full-sized homes that give you all the space you need.

Homes in adult retirement communities are often built with your long-term needs in mind, with larger hallways and bathroom spaces so if you ever need a mobility device, you will not have to make substantial changes to your home.

Reason #2: Access to Activities

Most adult retirement communities provide you with lots of access to activities that will keep you engaged and allow you to socialize with other people your age. For example, the community may have tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses, and space for pickleball.

They may also have a community building where classes such as woodworking or cooking classes take place. These activities are all part of what makes the area you are moving to a community and not just another neighborhood.

Reason #3: Increased Social Interactions

For many adults, most of their social interactions center around their jobs.

During your retirement, when you are no longer working, you need to build new connections and ways of staying socially active. When you move into a retirement community, you will be living in a neighborhood full of other people your age who are looking to socialize, and there will be community events, sports, and classes for you to take to facilitate interactions.

It is kind of like getting to go back to college, when you were surrounded by people who were at the same stage of life as you and interested in similar things, except this time instead of living in dorms you get to live in your own really nice home.

As you reach retirement age, you should seriously consider moving into a senior living community, where you will have access to lots of activities and events that will allow you to socialize with others in your age group with ease. Look at options like Del Webb communities to learn more.


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