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Reasons To List Your Home With A Real Estate Agent

Cody Day

While anyone who owns a house can legally sell their home directly, not listing a home with a realtor can be a costly mistake. If you have a home to sell, here are a few reasons to list your house with a real estate agent.

Have Your Home in the MLS

First, a real estate agent will be able to list your home in the multiple listing services (MLS). This is a professional database that's only available to real estate professionals, and it's the standard place to list properties that are for sale. Without a real estate agent, you won't be able to list your home in the MLS unless you're already in the industry yourself.

The MLS isn't the only place where potential buyers can find your home, for you can put a sign in your front yard and run a classified ad. Without your home in the professional database, though, many people who might be interested in the house probably won't see the listing. Only those who look outside the MLS — and many buyers' agents don't — will see your home.

Learn How to Stage Your Home

Second, your real estate agent will either help you stage your home themselves or recommend someone who can professionally stage the house for you. 

How much you invest in staging depends on the potential sale price of your house — you'll want to invest more if your home will sell for a lot and less if your home is inexpensive. Every house regardless of price, however, should be staged to a certain extent.  

The proper staging of a home is important because it directly affects how potential buyers view a house and that influences how likely they are to make an offer on the house. Staging your home well won't necessarily get you a higher sale price, but it can help your house sell faster.

Get Professional Pictures of Your House

Real estate photography takes a certain skillset, for properly photographing rooms is different from taking pictures of wildlife, landscapes, or people. To get the best pictures possible, you'll need someone to photograph your home who's taken pictures for real estate listings before.

A real estate agent will either know how to take good pictures of your home, or they'll hire a professional photographer to take the photos. Either way, the high-quality pictures will help your home stand out in listings and attract more potential buyers.

For more information, reach out to a local real estate agent


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